Alice Carrier

Alice is booked until December 31st 2014. She will be booking Jan-Mar 2015 in early December of 2014. Occasionally cancellations occur on short notice. For information about upcoming booking dates, walk in availability, or short notice appointments, please call Wonderland Tattoo at 971 254 4352. Thanks!

first pass on this very fun thigh piece, danielle’s first tattoo!  english robin, climbing roses, wild heather, and ivy.  i can’t wait to add color!

a little more progress on this cover-up back piece!  christy RULES! (the far left peony’s color is healed, the two on the right are fresh)

covering up a large lasered piece on will.  thanks, will!!! <3

covering up a large lasered piece on will.  thanks, will!!! <3

joie-de-vivre-k95 asked: Do you have an Instagram page I could follow? :)

Yeah it’s @alicerules!! I post a lot of pictures of flowers hahahaha

never stop asking for black and grey roses

quick little wishbone and lavender filler, between 2 rad tattoos by my buddy Justin Dion! 

plants and friends and friends’ plants <3

a little bit of my FAVORITE THING TO DO

I had so much fun tattooing these trilliums on Kendra, a research Paleoecologist from the Pacific NW!  It always makes me feel cool when scientists like my work :D 

Sweet little turquoise cuff for my bff Hillaryyyyy