Alice Carrier

Witchy babe/Mom/Wife/Tattooer at Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, OR! For all scheduling inquiries please call the shop Tues-Sat between 10-6 at 971 254 4352 Thanks!

Hey everyone!  We’re having our Wonderland Tattoo grand opening party this weekend and we’re having a raffle to benefit Outside In’s needle exchange program!  If you live in Portland and you were unable to get an appointment last go around, this is your one chance to sneak in before the next booking date!  I’ll be raffling a gift certificate good for one hour of tattoo time and a guaranteed appointment before the end of this summer.  Please come down and support this program!  It is LIFE SAVING and we want to see your happy faces!  Each artist is raffling a gift certificate AND we have mugs and hoodies to give away too!  This is an in-person deal only, COME SEE US THIS SATURDAY!  No email, no phone calls!  

TICKETS ARE $10 and available the day of the grand opening, here at the shop at 7036 SE 52nd ave, Portland OR!  6 P.M. SATURDAY APRIL 19TH!  

For more information about Outside In, please visit:

and check out this article to see other ways that the needle exchange program is saving lives!!

Healed fern, fresh magnolias.  Thanks, Christine! 

little bundle <3

spring flowers

a couple of fun, witchy works in progress.  thanks jess, thanks victoria <3

Bear skull with hellebore and poison berries.  Thanks, Kyle!

I was also lucky to work beside Anderson Luna and photograph this piece he was finishing.  What a rad dude!  I’m not sure why he doesn’t have a tumblr but he does have instagram @andersonluna

Thanks so much Saved Tattoo for having me this last week!  Here’s a small chunk of what I got to do, shitty photos abounded as I tried to keep a tight schedule.  I had a blast, met wonderful people, had an amazing time, can’t wait to come back if they’ll have me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thanks everyone who got tattooed! 

hello tumblr


i am on an airplane talking to the internet on a book-sized piece of plastic, floating thousands of feet above the ground WHAT IS THIS SORCERY

just wanted to pop in between answering emails and tumblr asks and say hello, and to talk a little bit about my schedule and traveling!  

1. i had my first ‘booking day’ at wonderland and it was crazy and overwhelming!  there was literally a line out the door of the tattoo shop and we spent the entire day making appointments, filling my books completely until july 31st.  the good news is we’re trying to do these booking days more frequently so people don’t have to wait a year at a time to make an appointment but the bad news is that my spaces disappear fast.  we’re working on the best possible system to accommodate people from out of town without phone calls crashing our lines.  we deeply appreciate the people who were patient with us throughout the process.  

2. i’m on my way to NYC right now and my spots filled up very quickly!  i am definitely planning another trip out east this fall but i don’t have any concrete dates yet.  thanks so much for all your interest in my travel schedule!  i’ve traveled more in the last year and a half than i have my whole adult life!  any trips planned with available booking dates will definitely get posted here. 

and finally thanks for being so fucking awesome and wanting to get tattooed i can’t believe this is my job! i can’t believe i’m on an airplane to go do tattoos in nyc!  thank you thank you!